My rise and fall with home made milk paint

When I first started finishing furniture , Milk paint was not as accessible as it is now., so after searching the web I stumbled across a DIY milk paint recipe from the Martha Stewart Website. Now, I must say, I love Martha Stewart’s products, I love the colour schemes they use on their mixing bowls and kitchen products, I love her whole line of crafting materials that you can purchase at Michaels Craft Store and I love the look of her cookbooks. However, I have not had much luck with any of her recipes. so when I seen this recipe I was a little skeptical to test it out and for good reason I came to learn. The recipe called for the following :

1 Lemon 1 Quart Skim Milk Sieve Cheese Cloth Artists Acrylic Paint 1/2 tsp Borax

  So here I’m thinking wow, what simple ingredients., this is going to be so simple and easy!! The instructions said to do was mix the milk and lemon together and leave to sit at room temperature over night so the mixture can curdle. Then, in the morning, pour the milk through a cheese cloth lines sieve.  You would then add in the borax to the curds and let sit for 1 hour. It is then ready to use and can be mixed with any acrylic colours you desire. However this was not the case! The curds were even close to stable enough to go through the sieve and there was nothing solid enough to mix the borax with! I should also mention that I was attempting to make this while without power, it was around Christmas last year when we had that terrible ice storm and were without power for almost 2 days, My patience was running thin ! Here are some pictures I snagged form my dear friend Amy at Amy Fiedler Photography !

2427980_orig 3055730_orig

am not one to give up on challenges, however After 2 attempts at this recipe, I decided to leave the milk paint making up to the professionals and set off to find some pre-made milk paint!As milk paint becomes more and more popular, it is easier to find! here are a few of the milk paints I have tried and LOVE!!

Miss Mustard Seeds Milk Paint Homestead House & The Real milk paint company Have you ever tried making your own milk paint? Did it work out the way you wanted? Let us know in the comment section below!


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