Hi there,

My names Danielle and I am the owner of Gates Shabby Chic. I have always loved being crafty and creating things. I also have a love for re-loved furniture. I have always had a love for vintage & antique items. Every year at Christmas, for the last, I would say 7 years; my family has gone to the Markham Home for the Holidays Craft show. It always seems to bring the Christmas spirit and really marks the start of the Christmas season for me. Walking around and looking at all the beautiful booths a few years back, I just started to feel really inspired. I wanted to make these beautiful things. I was working in the retail world at a desk job and was feeling underappreciated wanting something more. What an amazing Idea I thought, I’m crafty and artistic. I had always wondered where people got such beautiful furniture I couldn’t seem to find anywhere, so, I was off on a journey. Have you ever been so excited about something you can’t sleep? That was me that night I came home from the craft show. I was up until 2 am searching blog after blog, articles, pinterest, and youtube       . I spent weeks researching supplies I needed, seeking out advice from the men & woman in my life who were familiar with wood working  .I must say I am very lucky to have such great people in my life that helped me with the how to’s. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the help of them and I like to think anyways, that they taught me well.

So along came my first official project after reading those how to’s and needless to say I was in love and the rest was history. Ever since I have been sanding and painting away. I decided to create a blog to help those people, like me, when I was starting out. There were things I couldn’t find on any blog, and had to figure things out on my own. Maybe doing this blog will make things a little easier for someone else. I also like voicing my opinions, so why not shout them out on the internet.

When I look at an old piece of furniture or an antique that I have found I just know it has a story and although it may not look as beautiful as it once was, it can again. I hope you enjoy my products as much I enjoyed finding them, refinishing them, and salvaging them.



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