This old desk…A Transformation

A while ago, and I mean months ago, I purchased this  . .  desk. My first thought was hideous desk, but if I look beyond this unloved piece I could see all the potential it had. I actually found this piece off of an awesome app called Varagesale. If you haven’t heard of Varagesale I suggest that you check it out. Its amazing for getting rid of things that you don’t use around the house and its actually a tool that I use when selling furniture. I have sold many of my pieces on there. Pick up was in another town so my husband picked it up on his way home from work and brought it home, didn’t think much of it because I am always sending him on pickup excursions. So when he walks in the door with this piece, I am silent for a few minutes as I take it all in. This desk has clearly had a rough life. Its been drawn on, carved into with a pencil and looked like it had been stored in a room full of spider webs. I can honestly say, this piece is definitely the worst piece I have purchased.



The transformation took some time, my original thoughts for this were to paint the top Miss Mustard Seeds Dried Lavender and the bottom Van Gogh Fossil Paints Chivalry. As I started to prep the piece more things came along which were just so much easier so I always pushed this aside. I wish I had taken a better picture of how bad this desk actually was, the detail in the picture above doesn’t do this justice.Finally , my friend Lynda, a fellow furniture refinisher says to me , we need to do something with this desk. So together we came up with the idea of doing a rustic kitchen island. She was going to prep the top and I was going to complete the bottom! This desk is made of Ash wood, which apparently is an amazing and hard wood. We sanded . .  and sanded . .  and sanded and the sanding actually took off all the paint and most of the dents. Sanding also removed the hideous charters. Heres a picture of the beautifully cleaned surface. No this did not take out all the scratches and dents however, We thought it gave more of a rustic feel.




The top is finished in a Butchers block finish which you can purchase at Home Depot or stores alike for around $17-20/can  ( it is a small can but a little goes a long way!) and the bottom is finished in Van Gogh Fossil Paint Chivalry.



Here’s the final project, Lynda & I are in love with this piece. We both said if we had bigger kitchens we would be keeping it! It is however up for sale now ! Check out our Etsy shop if you are interested in purchasing it!



1385895_365082003654369_5972623207446332582_n1489293_365081940321042_6573034442656968709_n  10432093_365081980321038_3183352098444108488_n 10676275_365081960321040_842213390765313574_n


Who do you think? Let us know in the comment section below! Whats the worst condition you have ever worked with?




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