Vintage Buffet & Hutch, A before and after look

I love the story behind this piece and it makes me smile every time it comes to mind. This is actually one of the first pieces that I had my husband pick up for me, it was way too big for me to help him pick is up so we asked my brother-in-law to come lend a hand. After looking the piece over , my husband was concerned that it was way too big , where was it going to go in the house , how were they supposed to fit it in the truck blah blah blah . Anyways, that day prior to picking this piece up, I had been in talks with 2 different people about different hutches, one was 2 pieces , one was not. So I assure my husband before he leaves the house . . . Don’t worry it’s 2 pieces , it will be way easier than you think .

…45 minutes later I get a call …. It wasn’t 2 pieces! Whoops !  😬 Needless to say, he was not impressed and wanted to just leave the piece at the side of the road, thankfully he did not do that, and it made its way into my workshop! I finished this piece with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint in the colour Grain Sack and sealed it with Miss Mustard Seeds Hemp Oil.


Here’s the before look at this awesome piece!

photo 1-3 nm

I then prepped it by giving it a VERY light sand, I literally just ran the sandpaper over it like a child colours a piece of paper with a crayon. For the first coat I used Miss Mustard Seeds bonding agent with my milk paint. The bonding Agent is good for pieces that have a finish on it already and you can’t sand or strip it all off. However, I did not use the bonding agent on the bottom drawers as I wanted to give those more of a chipped antique look! All together this piece only took 2 coats of paint and one coat of hemp oil.

Here`s the final project finished, I love it! If I had a dinning room or even a large enough space in my house for this piece I would be keeping it. Let me know what you think! If you’re interested in purchasing this piece you can head over to our Shop Section for more details!

604149_368731276622775_5449697597708302392_n 10167969_368731286622774_5694527546511552673_n

10373484_368731289956107_8851606045441241621_n 10408024_368731296622773_8045122051935313972_n

Until next time!




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