Home for the Holidays & Traditions…

Last weekend was the annual Markham Home for the Holidays show at the Markham Fair Grounds ! I love the drive up to Markham, we always take the back roads and its so beautiful! Heres a few snap shots from on the way up!


The home for the holidays show is a craft show with 3 large buildings full of crafts, baked goods and unique one of a kind items. It always brings out my Christmas spirit, and gets me so inspired. I wish I could have taken more pictures then the drive up and parking lot. The place was PACKED, we have always went on a Saturday in the past and it was never that busy!

Going to the Home for the Holidays show got me thinking about traditions. All the traditions that Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without . .  for me anyways. So I thought I would share some of my Christmas traditions with you. For the month of December, anytime Frosty the Snowman, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, The Classic.. Not the movie, The Grinch Or Charlie Browns Christmas plays, I need to watch it, or tape it, and watch it later. As a kid I never missed any of the Christmas Specials and if I did, It was seriously the end of the world. Then you get into the Christmas Movies, The Santa Clause, my all time favorite Christmas Movie . .  Who doesn’t love Tim ” The Tool Man” Taylor, playing Santa Clause!

I just have to throw this in because when I bring this up people look at me like I have 2 heads, have you ever seen Bobby’s World? Bobby’s World, a 90’s Cartoon TV show had a Christmas Special called Miracle on 34th st & Rural Route 1, It was one of my all time favorites as child,  Only one person remembers Bobby’s World in my circle of people and that’s my awesome friend Amy! Are we the only ones out there that remember Bobby’s World?


Baking, Oh the baking. We have 2 Christmas Tradition recipes that HAVE to be made. 1st is Pumpkin Bread and the 2nd is Butter Cookies. I have to admit last year I opted out of the Butter Cookies, I did make a batch and they just didn’t taste like Grans, so they went in the trash! Pumpkin bread and Butter cookies are just a few things on my long list or baked goods, I package them up and  hand them out to a select dozen as Christmas gifts made with love :D. { Christmas Baking will commence within the next few weeks, Stay tuned to get all my Christmas Goodie recipes }.


Every year since I was born and probably for years before that, my Family has hosted a Christmas Eve party, with finger foods , wine, gift giving and Christmas music. Christmas eve just wouldn’t be the same if there was no Christmas Eve Party.I also have to hear the song Rocking Around the Christmas Tree, it has to be played, Preferably at the party, but If I don’t hear it, I play it when I get home. It’s My Christmas eve Jam!

In the end though, My family being together is what really makes Christmas for me and that’s one of the reasons I love going to the Markham Home for the Holidays show every year. These are just a few of my Christmas Traditions and things I love about Christmas, What are some of your Christmas Traditions? What inspires you at Christmas Time? Most importantly DID YOU WATCH BOBBY’S WORLD AS A CHILD? :p




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