The Evil Singer Sewing Machine..


15131565858I received a Free Singer Touch Tronic 2010 sewing Machine a while ago because I wanted to get into making my own pillows , Pillow cases and Duvet covers. When I received the sewing Machine, there was no manual, and I really had never worked with a sewing machine before but I figured, YouTube is such a great learning tool, I’m sure I will be able to find a How To Video on there. Now, I am the queen of procrastination and the sewing machine was a little intimidating so I let it sit around for probably 2 months. I was feeling quite inspired last weekend and decided to pull it out and figure the whole thing out.


All my thoughts on, OH this will be easy, changed very quick. There are some videos on YouTube, but none that were helpful. You can’t find a FULL manual anywhere for free ( I would rather pull my hair our for hours rather then buy a manual for $20.00).  However, After 2 days and a total of 6 hours and a very helpful lady, I figured it out! At one point I had the whole bottom piece apart . .  It was just madness.

As a sewing machine beginner I had no idea even how to get the thread down but apparently “all sewing machines are basically the same”so they say. I was talking to my gal Wilma, who is amazing and has so much knowledge about EVERYTHING and she explained to me , in the easiest way possible, how to thread the top of my sewing machine.  If you have this machine and are having trouble figuring things out I made a diagram below!

After you get the top threaded properly ,  you have to bring up the bobbin thread. Well, due to my troubles from the previous night I somehow bent the needle. So, I went  to try and bend it back . . and it snaped. At this point I had to walk away, I was so frustrated. I took a deep breath, and got back to it, I replaced the sewing machine needle, threaded the bobbin in the bottom as I was instructed and it worked, kind of… LOL! The step where the needle goes down to pick up the bobbin thread wasn’t working mechanically, so I had to manually, with a pair of tweezers, put the thread through the loop to bring up  the bobbin thread. After the thread was through the loop all you have to do is pull the 2 threads pack and start sewing!


Check out the Diagrams below & also a few helpful links!


I found this link the most helpful, along with some drawings, between my diagrams and this link you should be able to thread and fill your bobbin no problems!




sewing Machine #1



sewing MAchine#2 SM#5


The last step is to thread your needle, you should be good to go then! Do you have one of these beasts at home? Maybe this was something you already knew how to do? I however wasn’t familiar AT ALL with sewing machines! I hope these visual instructions worked for you. I’m sure I will need to reference this every time I change the thread for a little while. I must say that once I actually got it working, Its awesome and serves its purpose of making some pillow covers and what ever else I may require.









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